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The Bar Association come into existence under the State Bihar Council for the purpose of executive implementation of welfare scheme and also to safe guard of right, privileges and interests of advocate on it roll.
In the year of 1787 the district Shahabad come existence and it was consist of Contemporary four district namely Bhojpur, Rohtas, Bhabhua and Buxar. The Ara bar has been established in 1981 through same other source claimed 1886 as it establishment year. the court was established in the first judgeship Mr. J .K . Chanies in the year 1891.

Advocacy at a Glance

The expression advocacy means the presentation if logical facts of dispute in the right perspective dealing with criterion of differentiation between right or wrong , just and unjust equitable and inequitable by Appling legal knowledge acquired by important extensive and intensive learning.

NALSA & its Scheme

The preamble of the legal services authorities act 1987, underscore that authorities are convened with weaker section of the society and imposes a duty on them to ensure the opportunities for securing justice are not demined to any citizen by reason of economic or other disability.

Woman Development

The role of woman is very crucial to the rate at which a country development and in many way is an indicator as to how well the country is developing. The non-aligned movement represent a very large majority of the humanity on the earth.We have fought against imperialism..

Association Head Lines

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Financial Experts

providing the best financial consultants

One of the many benefits of working with a financial professional specializing in divorce issues is reduced liability: they make sure that all the financial “bases” are covered to avoid nasty surprises from unhappy clients down the road.
Some industries have to deal with lawsuits more often than others. The Ara Bar Association (ABA) reports that family law attorneys, who often deal with divorce, are the third most sued group of attorneys, behind personal injury and real estate attorneys. The ABA reported that between 1995 and 2017 the number of lawsuits against family law attorneys doubled. According to the ABA, the top ten reasons matrimonial lawyers get sued are:-
1. Client emotion
2. Unreasonable expectations
3. Incomplete information
4. Settlement perception
5. Retaining experts
6. Fee disputes
7. Client selection
8. Drafting documents
9. Multi-jurisdictional issues
10. Poor client relations
> Unreasonable Expectations and Clients’ Emotions
> Incomplete Information
> Settlement Perception and Retaining Experts
> Working with a Financial Pro

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