Histroy Bar Association

India was waiting for freedom. A world class institution was ready to attract the civil society for modern education as central Hindu College, Veranasi and a new Association was emerging at the revolutionary land Shahabad to grand the justice to secure the law and to protect the society yes that is nothing but establishment of Ara Bar in 1891 .A well example of Architect with the convenient connectivity of all Courts and an ideal BAR with More than 3500 enrolled Advocates practicing with good moral conduct situated in the Premises of District and Session Court at Ara, Bihar . The BAR is facilitated with all slandered convenience for Advocates i.e rich library, Computer room, Conference Hall, Well Sound system, and sanitized wash rooms.

Though the legal practice was started in 18th century at Ara but no reliable sources are present which may make us clear us about scientific History of the organized profession. As we know that in 1787 the District SHAHABAD came into existence and it consisted of contemporary four Districts namely Bhojpur, Rohtas, Bhabhua and Buxar. After the constitution of the administrative unit the judicial function also came in force jointly and the profession of Mukhtar and Kanoongo took place. That was the age of unorganized legal profession there was no separate identification of the legal professional institutions. Professionals were limited in number also. The Ara BAR has was established in 1891 though some other sources claimed 1886 as its establishment year but we really tracenitoute when the court was established in the first judgeship of Mr. J.G. Chanies and that was in 1891. When the first planed association come in existence in 1915 as Mukhtar Khana at Ara and it got its growth , we see a well establishment of BAR today equivalent to corporate organization.

The efficiency and effectiveness of Ara BAR developed by the enactment of legal Practitioner Act, 1879, where the term ‘Court and Legal Practitioner “were defined After this act, a new enactment came as Bar Council Act in 1926 where the scope of assistance got broad and the duties and conduct of legal practitioner was became an essential for the judicial work. Now a very advance and scientific act is in force for betterment of a legal practitioner that is Advocate act 1961 which deals with the Advocate conduct and practice in true sense. All these all legislations made a certain positive change in legal practice of India as well as Ara BAR. A long series of successful Advocates are in the account of Ara BAR with the glorious achievements in various fields which show our dignity and proud. It is pertinent to say that Bhuwaneshwar Prasad Sinha is one of them who he obtains the sublime dignity to be as the chief justice of India was relevant for the BAR. Justice jwala Prasad Sinha was appointed is an Honourable justice of High Court Patna Who leter on graled the chair of acting Chief justice of the Honourable High Court, Patna due to his grate efforts and courage the BAR Association devoted a gate in the name of his goodness. Shri Mahaveer Prasad, shri Anant Singh, shri Kanhaiya Singh, shri Saryu Singh are the important names in the panel of justice in the Honourable Court and they will be remembered for ever for their work and kind ideals. There is a long list of our members who waves the flag of Ara BAR in other field like politics, literary work, journalism, social service etc. Some of Advocate has written the land mark legal literature as Amirchand LAl-“Sarve Mapp”, Shrinath Shrivastava-Children Act and juvenile justice Act. Narvdeshwar Ojha - Hindu Law etc.. The Ara BAaR has provided a lot of freedom Fighters also as we have seen that the Land of the Ara Bar is a revolutionary Land.

That was the occasion of a great pleasure when the Honourable High Court gave the honour to the Nine advocates of the Ara BAR in the centurion calebration at RAJGEER after the completion of successful legal practices long of fifty years. The BAR has faced two bomb attacks in 2009 and on 23 March 2015 really that was black day and the bar got the bitter experience of the noble profession. In first attack the Bar has lost a genius and sincere advocate Vinay Kumar Tiwary, his post and personality never fulfilled and in second attack the Bar has lost a member of security as a police man who was standing and executed the duty of security. In spite of this terror the BAR is still ready to perform the duty and service for litigants with tight security and check. The environment of the BAR is cooperative which hasdeveloped the faie relation with the bench as well as its members. The relation between senior and junior panel is enthusiastic. The imminent lawyers always use to inspire the new members or juniors and juniors also express the respect and good conduct for themselves. The bar has never seen the bad habits among the members the election is conducted very peacefully and officials provide their duties with the great respect to their members.The Ara BAR is a land mark plate from to whom who thinks about the successful legal practice. It reveals a great value of legal profession, provid the best facilities for its member make the peace ful environment for the judicial act. The fragrance of all the virtues may be realized to its historical culture. We can say that` Rome was not built in a day “this proverb is very relevant with one of the competent BARs and that is Ara Bar Association at Ara.

Vidya Niwas Singh @Deepak Singh
Date:- 05-04-2019