Rules of Bar Association Ara:-
Rules were adopted by Bar Association Ara.The said rules were enacted under the provision laid down as model rules of BAR council. Any dispute arising in between rules of Bar Association Ara and Modern Rule for Bar Council, the modern rule for bar council will prevail over the rules of Bar Association Ara.

Aim And Objects of Rule :-
1. Application of rule: - There rules shall to be applicable to the members of Bar Association Ara which was registered under the Bihar state Bar council.
2. Date of Enforcement: - The rule will come inforce from the first of March 2017.

Definition :-
A. Member of Bar Association Ara - Means advocates who are registered member of Ara Bar Association.
B. Court - Means civil criminal and revenue court and forum from where the Advocate appears to conduct cases.
C. All definitions mentioned in the model rule of under rule 5 are the part of the rules of Bar Association Ara.

Membership :-
Any person enrolled as an advocate under the Advocate act shall in the manner hereinafter and upon payment of the admission fee hereafter provide that he / she is entitled to be enrolled as a member and be registered with the Bar Association Ara. He / she will continue to be a member thereafter so long as he / she pay subscriptions under the model rules of BAR Council, until his name has not been removed from the register in one of the manners laid down in the rules. Members of the Bar Association Ara shall pay monthly subscription to the association.

Detail of the fee Structures of Membership
 Membership fee Rs.1501/-
 Form Fee Rs. 101/-
 Annual Subscriptions Rs. 120/-

Payment For membership fee in the mode of D.D which in favour of secretary Bar Associations Ara, Payable at Ara
Note = Any member who doesn't pay his subscription from the last six months he/she ceases to be the member.
Membership form must be registered and recommended by the two practicing advocate Bar Association Ara having experience of more than 10 years of practice.

Removal Of The Member:-
Executive committee of the bar association will record his or her in irregularity be in writing and issue and demand of Show cause to show properity and if it is not satisfactory Shall by empowered to remove a member of the association and there after his name will be removed from the register maintained by the association subject to his right Appeals.

Appeal :-
A. Any member removed shall have the right to Appeal within 60 days from the date of Communication of the order of the dicision of the General Body. .
B. Any member aggrieved by the decision of the General Body shall have the futher right to appeal within 30 days before the Bar council. The decision of bar council may be treated as final.

Formation Of Committee :-
Executives committee - of Bar Association Ara Shall constitute committee for the Welfare of Bar Association Ara one of the members of the executives committee shall be convenor of the said committee and then two members shall be nominated any body having experience of 20 years or more.

Committee Of Elder’s :-
Executives committee of the Bar Association shall constitute a 5 member committee of senior advocate having practice of Minimum 30 years. They will give their precious advice important issue on the basic of the demands thought by the executives committee in consideration of the Welfare Ara Bar Association Ara.

Roles Of Executive Committee :-
A. The executives committee shall also exercise full control over the supervision and maintenance of the building of the association and annually repaired through the general secretary of any committee contribution by the same.
B. The executive committee shall exercise all the controls of the journals law books ,text and reports. There shall be a library committee for the maintenance of the library and books journal periodical text and reporter available there in with the assistance of the librarian.
C. The Executives committee shall have control over this staffs of the association related to this appointment, suspension ,dismissal ,reduction in rank and imposition of fine and other punishment.

Form of the Bar Association Ara :-
A. All pairvis will be worked and be done by the advocate and there clerks only on the prescribed form available with the association. Atleast form one such from must be used in each Case each party and each day.
B. Advocates shall not form sign any paper other than prescribed form for the purpose of making pairvi.
C. The presubscribed form shall be fixed by executive committee provide by the client and litigant and the Amonut of form shall be distributed as per the decision of executive committee.
D. Bar Association Ara shall prepare an account of the sale of the prescribed form and the account audited to each year.
E. Bar Association Ara shall send up copy of statement of account and remit the contribution to Bihar State Bar council.
F. The Bar Association Ara will provide financial assistance to indigent or disable advocate suffering from their disease as Medical Help as per the decision taken by executive committee.
G. The Bar associates Ara may also provide a certain amount which will be fixed by the executive committee for financial help to the family of deceased advocate. The amount of financial help is fixed by the decision of Executive committee
H. Not with standing any rules or things contained herein, the executive body of the bar association shall have Supervising power over all of the rules and shall take the decision its decision shall be final and conclusion and shall not be challenged in any Court of law thank you.